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The C2City Knowledge Center is led by experts engaged in developing a diverse set of tools and materials, culminating in a knowledge portfolio that supports the set-up of a full-blown Education City.  These materials explore the theoretical, pedagogical, economic, organizational, and ethical facets of the Education City concept.

Bat Yam's Personal Education Model

From urban model to nation-wide revolution

Revital Yahalom

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"For me, personal education takes us back to education's original function, as it was supposed to be"

- Junior High School educator, Bat Yam

This paper invites you to become acquainted with a bold, educational achievement in Bat Yam; a worthy endeavor, patiently growing and developing, deeply assimilated, which has become a compass for each daily educational activity and dialogue in the remarkable educational system of the "Bat Yam Education City."

This article:

  • Explains the "Bat Yam Personal Educational Model," and reveals the source of its inspiration and its components.
  • Details the challenges faced before and during the implementation of this urban program.
  • Identifies the partnerships needed to build and implement this kind of urban educational program.
  • Investigates the components of an urban change process that tries to bring about cultural change through the educational system.
  • Attempts to bring the successes and the difficulties to the surface and make recommendations for the future.
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