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The C2City Knowledge Center is led by experts engaged in developing a diverse set of tools and materials, culminating in a knowledge portfolio that supports the set-up of a full-blown Education City.  These materials explore the theoretical, pedagogical, economic, organizational, and ethical facets of the Education City concept.

Building Society Together

Integrating informal education into the Education City

Yaniv Cackon

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“The direction of the wind cannot be changed, but wingspan can be increased and you can teach to soar high above the air currents”

- Yaniv Kakon, HaShchuna [The Neighborhood], 2010

Take a risk

Take a chance, do and dare child.
Consider the thrills ahead.
Take a chance, girl, do and dare.
Ignore the obvious.
If we never try how will we ever know?
Failure is just the price of discovery.
To feel the earth trembling 
You have to make changes.
There are setbacks in any future choice,
It’s the Law of Communicating Vessels.
Don’t be an over-cautious generation.
Choose risk – it’s the only way to fly.

- Yaniv Cackon, Neighborhood
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