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The C2City Knowledge Center is led by experts engaged in developing a diverse set of tools and materials, culminating in a knowledge portfolio that supports the set-up of a full-blown Education City.  These materials explore the theoretical, pedagogical, economic, organizational, and ethical facets of the Education City concept.

Education City Toolbox

16 models and programs

Shiri Falk-Neikrug and IDE experts

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An "Education City" is a city that is driven by educational thinking, in the broad sense of the term "education," as defined by John Dewey: "Education isn't preparation for life; it is life itself."

The residents of an Education City have a sense of belonging, partnership, meaning and self-fulfillment in relation to their city and the things it offers them – things that they share in creating.

A city that chooses to become an Education City embarks on a journey of continual change. It functions according to a roadmap that is frequently updated to reflect the changes and developments that take place, using a strategy that suits its own story and the future it wants to create.

Realization of the Education City idea requires targeted actions and various entry points into the process – sometimes with broad momentum and sometimes by means of a specific program that is used as a pilot program and a springboard, as urban acupuncture. It is important to remember that the specific programs cannot stand on their own, in the form of a "standalone"; it is necessary to create combinations, collaborations, and get-togethers 

so that the trees will connect to a whole verdant forest.

The range of programs and tools available to anyone who chooses to take part in the implementation of an Education City model is adapted to reflect the desires and dreams of those who are partnered in the process, and it varies from city to city.

This range includes the following tools and programs: Personal Education; Teacher Training Incubator; a School in the Spirit of the 21st Century; Educational Regularities; PBL; Preschool in the Spirit of Democratic Education; Urban Learning Spaces; Educational Pioneer Program; Star Program; "Building Society Together"; Social and Educational Entrepreneurship Incubator; "From Dependence to Responsibility"; Future Center

This article deals with the definition of the Education CIty model, how to set it up, the tools available to prospective implementers or those who are in the midst of the process, and a description of existing measures, success stories, and testimonials.

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