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Theories, Models, Methods, Practices, Case Studies

The C2City Knowledge Center is led by experts engaged in developing a diverse set of tools and materials, culminating in a knowledge portfolio that supports the set-up of a full-blown Education City.  These materials explore the theoretical, pedagogical, economic, organizational, and ethical facets of the Education City concept.

From “Gordon School” to “Personal Education Home”

The Story of One School’s Process of Change, in Bat Yam Education City

Revital Yahalom

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It takes a village to raise a child

- Old African proverb
  • We will find out what the components of such a change process are, which have turned the school into an educational, theoretical and practical lighthouse in the life of the community and the neighborhood, within the urban space of an Education City.
  • We will discover how the educational pioneer program has been harnessed to support the change process, what the significance is of the human and budgetary resources it brings to the realization of the vision, and how it empowers the partners in the change process.
  • We will map the partners needed to create and to stabilize a meaningful process of change in a school that is part of an Education City.
  • We will deal with the questions that come up for discussion, the dilemmas and the difficulties that arise in the change process.
  • We will conclude with a future image, one that proposes the possibility of a different and unique educational process, within Bat Yam’s urban space specifically, and within the Israeli educational system in general.
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