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The C2City Knowledge Center is led by experts engaged in developing a diverse set of tools and materials, culminating in a knowledge portfolio that supports the set-up of a full-blown Education City.  These materials explore the theoretical, pedagogical, economic, organizational, and ethical facets of the Education City concept.

The Talent School Model

Nurturing Talent in 21st Century “World Topics”

Sophia Burton

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"Human resources are like natural resources, you have to create the circumstances where they show themselves"

- Sir Ken Robinson

The majority of education systems around the globe treat general education and specialized education as separate phases within a child’s educational career. In the first phase, students learn a variety of required subjects to prepare them for future study and society. In the second phase, students choose an academic or vocational focus to gain a level of expertise in an area that prepares them for a particular profession or path.

This article presents an innovative school concept called the Talent School that operates under the assumption that implementing these two models in parallel can better realize human potential, not to mention make school more relevant and fun. A Talent School is therefore equally devoted to giving students a strong academic foundation and nurturing unique talent. By viewing students as individuals with distinct needs and talents, this model offers an alternative to the persistent standardization of many education systems that no longer serves our increasingly idea-based and globalized world.   

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